Al Duncan
“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws,” Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild


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            In 1982, while studying the Bible, I was given a book entitled The Fourth Reich of the Rich, by Des Griffin.  Through reading this book, I learned that there was a powerful group of elitists Luciferians, whose sole aim was to enslave humanity under a New World Order.  The more I studied the New World Order, the more I learned about the enemy of all mankind.             This newfound information corresponded exactly with what I was reading in the Book of Revelation.

Within The Fourth Reich of the Rich was a chapter called The Master Plan; this was the plan to conquer the world.  It was from this chapter heading that I titled my book. 

Thirty-one years have passed since reading The Fourth Reich of the Rich, and the beginning of my in depth study of the New World Order.  Des Griffin, the author of The Fourth Reich of the Rich, and I have become good friends and often exchange thoughts and ideas on the development of the master plan to conquer the world. 

I have also been a guest speaker on a number of radio shows and conferences.  I have taught an adult Sunday school class for five years, I have spoken in churches; I was placed on the circuit for The Gideon’s banquets where I spoke before Pastors and their wives.  I am currently a real estate broker, the fifth generation of real estate brokers, and I am the owner of Duncan Real Estate.

            Through The Master Plan, the Lord has given me the opportunity to share what He has revealed to me.  I pray that The Master Plan will help to open your eyes to the plan and purpose God has for you, as a member of His body, in these last days.  May God truly bless and keep you as we eagerly await Christ’s return.







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