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“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws,” Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild


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By Al Duncan

March 27, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

“The Illuminati, who also called themselves the Society of the Elect, had united with one aim in mind, to create a New World Order ruled by a Global Governance.”

One evening I was working late on a special project that was scheduled to begin the next day. Because it was marked Top Priority, I wanted to study the set of specifications thoroughly before briefing my draftsmen in the morning. After a complete search of the office, I was unable to find the set of specs for the job. Isaac and I had discussed the details of the project earlier that day, so I wondered if he had mistakenly kept the files or merely failed to have them delivered to my office before leaving. While searching through his out-basket, I found them attached to another set of specs for the same project. Puzzled, I studied them side-by-side. They bore the same Special Project heading, but the physical location of the site was different. One set of specs was apparently used to conceal electronic surveillance devices, secret codes, and a different location of the construction site. To complicate matters, Isaac's set of specs made repeated references to a mysterious Manual IV. I wasn't familiar with this manual but assumed it had to be important since the references were necessary to interpret the specs.

Stimulated by curiosity, I started hunting for this mysterious Manual IV. After searching Isaac's office without a clue, I decided to wait until the following morning and ask Isaac about it. Then it occurred to me that I hadn't examined the walk-in safe that contained the firm's financial estimates and accounting records. Knowing the safe was only accessible to Isaac, the firm’s accountant and me, I thought it might be a likely place to keep the manual.

I dialed the combination and entered the safe. After examining the shelves and searching through the filing cabinet, I was still unable to find the manual. I didn't thoroughly check the last three drawers of the file cabinet because they appeared to be empty when I opened them. Having drawn a blank everywhere else, I decided to check them once more before leaving the safe.

Examining the drawers again only confirmed my first conclusion, but when I slammed the last drawer shut, I heard a thump. `Yes!' I whispered, while opening the drawer again. Lying in plain view were two books. They had obviously fallen from their hiding place when I closed the drawer.

I gathered them up and walked over to the leather chair positioned behind Isaac's desk. The smaller of the books was the mysterious Manual IV, which contained the information I needed to complete the project. The other book was much larger; it was bound in black leather and it resembled a well-used Bible. Posted throughout the book were warnings against it falling into the hands of unauthorized personnel. It was titled: The Master Plan of the New World Order, revised edition 1999, an exposé of Global Governance, designed by the Elite for world dominance.

Although the information I needed to brief my staff would be lacking, I knew that Isaac had access to the information contained in the Manual IV, and he could brief them in the morning. My curiosity to investigate The Master Plan intrigued me beyond restraint.

I opened its cover and began to read. Astounded by what I was discovering, I lost all concept of time. Realizing that I would never finish in time, I rushed to the copy machine to make photocopies. I had copied seven hundred pages of the seven hundred and fifty-page document before noticing that the dark skies had turned the gray of dawn. I quickly finished, hoping that no one would come to work early, rushed back to the safe, and replaced the books. My watch showed 5:30 a.m., and I was due back at work in three hours. I had to rush home if I wanted to return on time.

As I pressed the elevator button, I pulled my handkerchief from my pocket and wiped the perspiration from my brow. During the ride down to the garage-level, a number of thoughts flooded my mind. I was positive Isaac was one of them, his copy of The Master Plan proved that. I didn't know how high he ranked within their structure, but his position as President of World Construction gave him a privileged monopoly over all major construction projects within the Western continent. I thought about the special meetings Isaac attended out of the country. Each time he returned, he would have Special Projects like the one we were about to start.

When I reached my car I placed the briefcase containing the copied document on the seat beside me. With jangled nerves, I started the motor. Suddenly, as if on their own volition, my hands dropped into my lap. Overwhelmed by my discovery, I sat for an undetermined amount of time staring into space with a deluge of unanswered questions surging through my mind.

Judging by the severe warnings against the manual falling into the hands of unauthorized persons, I was certain that knowledge of its contents constituted a threat to their organization. If I attempted to make any overt efforts to reveal their plans, I was certain my life would be in danger. Suppressing my fears, I regained my composure and drove out of the multi-level parking structure. Nobody knew about my discovery, and I wasn't about to breathe a word to anyone.

All my spare time was devoted to studying The Master Plan. I wanted to know how they intended to pull off this grandiose conspiracy to control the world, along with everybody and everything in it. Directing the worlds political, social and economic events, while simultaneously controlling billions of lives, would take cunning genius, and an awful lot of money and patience to make it work.”

I learned that most of the initial references in The Master Plan were to an organization called the Enlightened Ones, or the Illuminated Ones that went as far back as the late 1700s. It was May 1, 1776, the same day America celebrates her independence, that the Illuminati, a secret society, was founded to overthrow civilization and establish a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a one world government or New World Order.

The Illuminate really took off in the early 1900s, when a multi-millionaire who made a fortune exploiting South Africa’s blood diamonds, left his fortune in the form of a Scholarship fund. This fund was designated to finance the education of tested young men who had the desire and potential to further this New World Order plan.

These elitists were some of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world. The Illuminati, who also called themselves the Society of the Elect, had united with one aim in mind, to create a New World Order ruled by a Global Governance.

Knowing it would take generations before achieving their ultimate aim, they devised The Master Plan. The ideal was universal peace, the creation of one language founded on the unity of mankind, with all individual States crushed, disciplined, and subject to one law under Global Governance. Nationalism had to be overcome, the design that the present world operated dismantled, and a common creed or ethical-religion established. Depopulation was a necessity, with a subsequent zero-growth society. They professed that mankind's desire for peace could only be realized by the creation of an authoritative New World Order so great and powerful that wars would be rendered impossible.

The Master Plan was continuously revised and covertly passed on among the members. Only the Elite's inner Circle of Initiates and the Association of Helpers knew the detailed account of their aim. Through semi-secret discussion and lobbying groups, later known as the Round Table Groups, they initiated their plan.

A strong emphasis was placed on maintaining utmost secrecy. The success of The Master Plan would be established by two determinate facts—loyalty of its members to each other and severe punishment of its enemies.

Only select, proven, and trusted men knew the true identities of the Elite's inner circle. It was the outer circle, the Round Table Groups that initially engaged others to do the Elite's bidding.

Achieving world dominance required expertise in every sector of life. Trusted subordinates were instructed to cull specialists from among their administrative brains—specialists reared on investigation, observation, and the delicacies of fine calculation. These specialists closely studied the events of history—observing every moment as it passed—and then drafted their plans accordingly. They didn't want to merely analyze and interpret international policy; they wanted to formulate it.

After succeeding in Europe, they turned their gaze upon the United States. For some time the Elite bankers coveted America's return to subjugation under British rule.

“America was a young, independent country founded upon a bureaucratic system that created immense adversity to the fulfillment of Global Governance. The North American Republic furnished its own money without cost and its Constitution was written to limit the power of government and keep its citizens free and prosperous. It paid off its debts and was without debt to the Elite international bankers. Destined to become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments, the American had to be destroyed or it would destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

“You know, Lance,” Monique interrupted, “while attending the University of Cambridge, I took a class in United States Constitutional Law. When it comes to providing freedoms for the people, no other documents come close to the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers.”

Men of genius were selected, only those endorsed by mentors dedicated to the cause of the New World Order. These men were groomed from early childhood—learned scholars specially trained at distinguished universities—to understand the affairs of the world. Various tax-exempt foundations, trusts, and endowments, all overt and covert influences that opposed the fundamental principles of the United States, funded these scholarships.

The recipients of these scholarships were instruments of precision that believed that the first duty of any man was to serve the State. Between one and two-thousand of these men were implanted into various key positions of authority all over the world. Many of them were prominent businessmen, the heads of large industrial firms and major newspapers; many were television, movie, and radio producers. Many were placed in government bureaucracy as advisors, aides, and specialists. They remained in these positions indefinitely, while elected political officials came and went.

Like a giant octopus, they infiltrated nation, state, and city. They overwhelmed the executive offices, the legislative bodies, courts, newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection. Through these maneuver, they were able to gather the reins of government and secured enactment of legislation favorable to their cause, until there wasn’t one major industry that wasn’t contaminated by their touch.

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© 2013 Al Duncan - All Rights Reserved


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By Al Duncan
June 21, 2013

By the Author of The Master Plan

If we do not know and understand our rights, we cannot exercise those rights; it’s the same as not having any rights at all. 

Rights are freedoms.  A people with no rights are slaves. 

According to the Fourth Amendment, as United States citizens, we have the legal right, to be secure against unreasonable searches.  In order to search my person, my house, my papers or any of my effects there has to be a probable cause supported by an oath or affirmation and secured by a warrant.  And, the warrant has to describe the particular person to be searched, the particular place and exactly what person or things to be seized.  

The main function of the Federal Government is to protect the citizenry against enemies, both foreign and domestic, and to safeguard the people’s constitutional rights.  And yet, today, government agencies are the main violators of the people’s rights.  Government agencies, such as the NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA and TSA commit crimes that violate the freedoms of the American people tens of thousands of times each day.  If you Google “police brutality in America, YouTube,” you can watch thousands of constitutional violations committed daily by your local police department, no matter what part of the country you live in. 

Thomas Jefferson said, “Who will govern the governors? There is only one force in the nation that can be depended upon to keep the government pure and the governors honest, and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power, and of restoring the nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. They alone are the safest depository of the ultimate powers of government”

There was a movie released in 2003 entitled, S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics), which was based on a TV series of the same name.  Sargent Hondo (Samuel L. Jackson) was asked to put together a special unit that used military-style light weapons and specialized tactics in high-risk operations that exceeded the capabilities of regular, uniformed police.

Sargent Hondo accepted the position contingent upon his complete authority over selecting the recruits for the unit and all aspects of how it would be run.  Each member was handpicked for their total disregard for the rule of law and the rights of the alleged bad guys.  They were impersonal, callous, and possessed an sadistic nature. The reason for this special-unit police team was to stop the alleged bad guys at whatever cost and by whatever means necessary.  According to S.W.A.T., America was a war zone and the American people were enemy combatants and needed to be treated accordingly. 

As all movies today, the plot was developed to establish certain social, morally and political attitudes, and to advance those attitudes by manipulating the viewer’s emotions, while at the same time quelling any intelligent thoughts of opposition.  This movie promoted a disregard for everyday common people, utter contempt for the alleged bad guys, and a carte blanche for public officials to do whatever they pleased, no matter what the cost to private property or the lives of innocent people, as long as they downed the alleged crooks.  This movie was an excellent propaganda piece to acclimate the masses to the police state.

Thanks to the financial funding and military training from the Federal government, every police force throughout the nation has adopted the same military tactics used by S.W.A.T.

I mentioned this movie, because a police state, with no regard for the rights of its citizenry, had to be established for the transition into a state of complete surveillance.

The National Security Agency (NSA), or No Such Agency, as it was once referred to by those labeled conspiracy theorists, has been around for a long time.  The creation of the NSA was authorized in a letter written by President Harry S. Truman in June 1952.  The NSA is a key component of the U.S. Intelligence Community, which is headed by the Director of National Intelligence, and is responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence, as well as protecting U.S. government communications and information systems. By law, the NSA's intelligence gathering is limited to foreign communications.  The public has now been informed that they have been targeted for intelligence gathering….

Another communications intelligence-gathering agency is ECHELON.  ECHELON was the name for a signals intelligence collection system, it is used in a number of contexts, and is capable of interception and content inspection of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally through the interception of communication bearers including satellite transmission and microwave links.

Supposedly, ECHELON was the global system for the interception of private and commercial communications, created to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War in the early 1960s.  It later came to light that the information gathered on citizens of the Soviet Union by the United States was being exchanged for the information gathered on the citizens of the United States by the Soviet Union.  They merely spied on each other and exchanged the information they had gathered. 

Surveillance systems are created to track and monitor people’s actions.  The government operates in total secrecy under the banner of security, while Americans have no privacy.  The United States government is spying on Americans, they are listening to all audible communications and analyzing every thought with each computer keystroke, they are watching internet searches, social media communications, health information, employment history, travel arrangements, student records, credit card transactions, emails, text messages and they are storing this information in your personal government file. 

They have developed mosquito size drones capable of flying into your house, your car or workplace and following you from room to room or location to location.  Transit authorities are installing microphone-enabled surveillance systems and IP audio-video systems that can be accessed remotely via a built-in web server and GPS data trackers capable of recording and storing private conversations.  There are streetlights capable of capturing images and recording conversations of passers-by; they can also give voice commands from built-in speakers as the public walk the streets of America.  This isn’t freedom, this is tyranny.

Why is the government so interested in maintaining files on what every American is doing in their private lives?  And why are Americans supporting these extravagant government spy programs with their hard-earned tax dollars?   

Government cannot protect you.  They couldn’t protect the public on September 11, 2001, or during the shooting at Columbine, or the Aurora Theater shooting, or the Sandy Hook shooting and they didn’t protect the public from the Boston Marathon bombing.   And yet, they had cameras covering every square foot of the marathon and they were listening to every conversation and reading every email transcription and text message while the bombing was taking place.  It’s not the government’s obligation to protect you and your family, that’s your obligation, and yours alone.

And that’s exactly why Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Since the genesis of the NSA and ECHELON, every conversation and transcription has been captured, analyzed and stored.  That also means that every thought and idea that was exchanged in those conversations and transcriptions, which would include, personal, private and public plans of every type, designs and inventions of all sorts, and business transactions both current and future are being appropriated from the peoples of the world by these government agencies.

Knowing that a company is insolvent or flush, or when it will make its next purchase, what that purchase will be and how many, what company will be sold or when a hostile takeover is about to occur, when stocks will be bought or sold, or who will be hired or fired can make someone very, very rich and very, very powerful.

Possessing an account of everything people think, say, and do places those with that information in a powerful position to control others.  Those that possess this kind of information can intimidate, extort, bribe and coerce politicians, judges, corporate heads, world leaders, even United States Presidents. 

The information gathered and analyzed from the billions of thoughts being transmitted around the globe is a surveillance prism that can be used to orchestrate future events.  Included in the plans for this arranged future is precrime; that is to predict what a person will do based upon past thoughts, sayings and actions, and using that information to convict a person for a crime not yet committed.

What perplexes me most is the mental state of those who work for these agencies that are actually constructing these surveillance-prisons to enslave us.  Have they not considered that the constricted, scrutinized, military-style police state that they are creating for us, are the same conditions that they will be forced to live under with their children and grandchildren?

According to Thomas Drake, the former NSA Technical Director, in an USA TODAY, June 16, 2013 interview, “The government unchained itself from the constitution as a result of the events that took place on September 11, 2001.  And in the absolute darkest of secrecy, at the highest levels of the government, approved by the White House, NSA became the executive agent for a surveillance program, an extraordinary broad surveillance program that turned the United States of America affectively into the equivalent of a foreign nation for dragnet electronic surveillance.”

Some say that the Act of 1871, which established Washington DC, also converted the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a corporation.  They claim that the official wording was changed from Constitution for the United States of America to Constitution of The United States of America.  Accordingly, a legal fiction was created, which became financially indebted to and controlled by the international bankers.  This has yet to be confirmed.

But this I know, on October 24, 1945, the United State became a member state of the United Nations.  Membership in this Organization, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, “is open to all peace-loving States that accept the obligations contained in the United Nations Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, are able to carry out these obligations.”  States are admitted to membership in the United Nations by decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.”

Since every nation in the world is now a charter member of the United Nations and obligated to its rules, we are now under a One World Order. This is a total violation of the Constitution; this hands over America’s national sovereignty to an international body; this renders Congress ineffective and leaves the American people without representation and without voice.

Article 23 of the United Nations Charter states:

“The Security Council shall consist of fifteen Members of the United Nations. The Republic of China, France, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America shall be permanent members of the Security Council. The General Assembly shall elect ten other Members of the United Nations to be non-permanent members of the Security Council…”

This is the United Nations Security Council that President Obama unconstitutionally chaired, September 2009.  And more recently, March 2012, during a Senate Armed Services Committee, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, gave public notice that all orders come directly from the United Nations, and that Congress’ only function consisted of dispersing funds when needed.

Moreover, in August 1995, under President Bill Clinton, Michael New was court martialed for refusing to wear the United Nations insignia and following orders from a foreign United Nations commander.  That was the public’s notice of United States military being officially transferred to the authority of the United Nations.

Article 24 states:

1.      In order to ensure prompt and effective action by the United Nations, its Members confer on the Security Council primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, and agree that in carrying out its duties under this responsibility the Security Council acts on their behalf.

Here, all member states grant the United Nations the primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security.  To control the military is to control the world.  

Edward Snowden, who, according to The Guardian, was “The 29-year-old source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the NSA’s history,” simply conveyed forty-year old information.   I believe Snowden was a messenger, delivering a public notice for the government, to the American people that it’s now official—in your face, if you will—that forever more, the United States Government will be tracking and recording your every movement.  After all, he was one of them, and you had better believe that they had analyzed everything he had done, was doing, and had reached a reasonable conclusion of what he would do.

I’m going on vacation for two weeks, look to hear from me upon my return.

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By Al Duncan
May 31, 2013

By the Author of The Master Plan

“Wi-Fi is the second antenna inside Smart meters and its frequencies are 4.8 billion times a second. This continuously bathes everyone within a 125 radius with violent, microwave, molecular earthquake-like frequencies.”

I had prepared Part III of Why I Wrote The Master Plan, and then, I ran across this information that I conclude to be far more imminent. Aware that there is a population agenda, of which includes the elimination of ninety percent of the world’s population, and that that agenda has been deployed in a variety of methods, I had no idea of how tactical the plan exposed below would play in the plan to reduce the population.

If what you are about to read is accurate, and all my research confirms that it is, it appears that this could result in the total annihilation of North America.

According to Curtis Bennett, an engineer technician, who is testifying on behalf of the people of Canada against the Public Utility Commission, if this onslaught is not stopped, death and destruction will be the outcome.

I put together the following from an interview with David Knight of Infowars Nightly News, Sheila Hemphill and Curtis Bennett.

The Smart Grid is a transmission system that delivers electricity to and from power plants to distribution substations, and then the substations delivers it to homes and business. The Smart meter is capable of communicating with smart appliances and the power plants.

Smart meters can cover up to 125 square miles. This puts everything within that area inside of an electrical circuit; it actually baths this 125 sq. mile radius, and everything in it, including people, with an electrical circuit. Smart meters run at 900 megahertz, this means a router is blasting whole communities with a blanket coverage of 900 megahertz of vibration going through walls and fire separations at 1.8 billion times per second. This literally causes the structures and the fire separations to flip directions at 1.8 billion times per second. Every structure within the area is being weakened; it is the same as being cooked over a sustained period of time like a microwave cooks food.

Wi-Fi is the second antenna inside Smart meters and its frequencies are 4.8 billion times a second. This affects everything, including and especially living entities such as plants, trees, fish, insects, animals, and humans. This bathes everyone within that 125 radius with violent, microwave, molecular earthquake-like frequencies.

Because these frequencies go through wooden and concrete structures, such as buildings and bridges, causing molecular earthquakes within these structures, they are compromising building codes. Since each structure is designed for specific seismic activity, specific wind loads, etc., when they are continuously being violently shaken at disastrous molecular and atomic levels, measurably, 1.8 billion times per second, building codes are being violated. This type of constant violent activity would automatically render all structures illegal, and make the municipalities liable. So what will happen when buildings cannot pass building codes, will insurance companies still insure them; will banks still finance them? How long it will take before hospitals and schools are condemned?

If it is doing this to concrete and wooden structures, such as buildings and bridges, imagine how it is vibrating and weakening cells. Living organisms are far more sensitive than building structures. These high-speed frequencies are electrically inducing currents capable of changing the voltage of organisms. These violent vibrations are microwaving cells, causing molecular changes and violent, earthquake type disruptions, while weakening organisms in a much more concentrated process than they do building structures. This is rapidly changing everything in our environment.

The Electric Grid is on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so structures, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and people are being hit with these frequencies twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The higher the power density, the more frequencies are being bombarded into structures, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and people. Insulated wires within houses are used to protect organisms. Without insulation, such as wireless devices, you become the conductor, and the damage that they are doing to the coverage area, which is pretty much all of North America, is immeasurable.

Nobody has studied the effects of bathing an entire community with frequencies that saturates everything in its path with molecules that go through walls, windows, doors, buildings and into the ground up to three feet.

The mind and body are affected by electrical waves or vibrations. All living cells emit energy, as well as light, which is a frequency. Energy comes from the sun, which energizes organisms. We also get energy from food, if we are not getting the proper amount of energy from food, which is being microwaved by these high frequencies, we become fatigued.

In North America, we have a 60-hertz electrical grid. Your appliances have 60 hertz for that electrical compatibility with the grid. Smart meters produce 900 million cycles a second. These high frequencies are going through homes, through human beings, through babies inside mother’s wombs and assaulting human brains that runs between four hertz, while sleeping, to thirty-eight hertz, when highly active. The only alternative, scientifically speaking, is an electrical failure. That is why it is extremely dangerous to deploy high frequencies like these throughout a community. Every scientific angle must be incorporated into the equation, or you are going to have damages across the board, and the liabilities will far exceeds anything anyone can imagine.

The Pacific absorption rate predetermines that you can take a reasonable absorption of this radiation into your body, but everything has to be taken into consideration. They have made this assessment based on people being a piece of meat, not considering that people have frequencies and electrical nerves, and that the nervous system is tied to the hormonal system and that any alternative electrical stimulation will cause failure. These types of frequencies going through people are neurologically stimulating. The voltage of a cell is minus seventy megahertz. Because living organisms are not compatible with these frequencies, they will eventually kill everything in the coverage area.

The powers that be have always relied on the fact that the public is ignorant. Therefore, they have desperately done everything possible to keep us in that state. Because the public is finally awakening, we have rightfully become more watchful and questioning of the hidden motives behind each new plan, each new course they want to take us, and each new technological device being introduced. For the past thirty years that I have been studying these master planners, I have found that everything they do is for their benefit and our loss, and everything they say as truth is always just the opposite. If you acquire that same attitude, you will fare much better in your attempt to delay this transition into the New World Order.



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By Al Duncan

March 16, 2013

Excerpt from The Master Plan

“Son, the Illuminati are Luciferians. They worship Lucifer and believe that he’s God, and the true God is the devil

“Mr. Freeman explained to me that they were Christians who believed in the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ. They believed that the Bible was the inerrant Word of God, dictated by God, and written by His prophets and apostles over a period of sixteen hundred years. He professed that the Bible was free of errors, contradictions and falsities; God said what He meant and meant what He said.”


Mr. Freeman invited me into the living room. Once we were comfortably seated he asked, “So why would a young man like yourself want to live in a place like Peaceful Valley?” Concluding that he asked the question out of sincerity, I impulsively told him everything I had learned while studying The Master Plan.


Mr. Freeman listened attentively to everything I had to say. When I finished, he smiled and said, “Son, it never ceases to amaze me that most of the Bible was written over two thousand years ago and yet it's as current as the latest college course and more accurate than the latest history book or daily newspaper fresh off the press.  


“I’m mindful of everything you just said, and you’re partly right.  There is a group of folks that want to control the world and everything in it, but that’s only half of the story.  Have you ever read the Biblical account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?”


“No, sir,” I replied, “I haven’t actually read it, but I’ve heard about it and how they ate the apple and everything changes.”


“Well, it wasn’t an apple, but everything surely changed. 


“You see, God created a beautiful garden filled with everything anyone could ever need or want.  He then created man and placed him in the garden as his home.  He gave the man complete dominance over all His creation and told him to take care of it, and it would take care of him.


“God placed two trees in the middle of the garden that were different from all the rest; the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The man was free to do whatever he desired, but God forbid him from taking part of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  He warned him that when he did, it would kill him.  God shared with the man everything he needed to know, provided for all of his necessities and all that he could possibly desire, so there wasn’t any reason for the man to know about evil.


“God perceived that it wasn’t good for the man to be alone, so he brought all the animals He created and had the man name them.  As God foreknew, the man realized that all of God’s creatures had mates but him.  So God put the man to sleep and extracted the necessary parts to make a woman.  God named the man Adam, but it was Adam who named his wife Eve.


“God had also created millions of angels with different characteristics and abilities, ranks and positions.  But God created one angel to be the brightest, the strongest, the most talented and the most beautiful of all the angels.  He named him Lucifer, the bright morning star, the light bearer.  But Lucifer perverted his God-given gifts and began to deify himself.  This arrogance corrupted his thinking and he began to believe he was superior to God.  The idea overwhelmed him, and he began to challenge the One who created him.  After failing to defeat God with every attempt, hatred consumed him.  He hated God’s righteousness, His justice and everything He created. 


“Through mutiny, Lucifer set out to dethrone the Almighty God.  Being gifted above all other angels, he proceeded to bribe, tempt, and threaten them, attempting to separate them from God and lure them over to his side through guilt, fear and hopelessness.  He accused them to God and he accused God to them, and so his name was changed to Satan, the devil, the accuser and adversary.  While his deceptive outer light remained, his inner light was full of hatred and vicious darkness.  A third of the angels chose to follow Lucifer. 


“He then set his sights on the man and woman, God’s children, made in God’s image. He searched to find the weakest link and patiently waited for the opportune time.  One day while they were alone in the Garden, Lucifer approached the woman.  He told her that God was a liar and He was afraid that if she learned about good and evil, she would be like God.  She’d then be able to make her own decisions and she wouldn’t need God anymore.  So Eve partook of this knowledge of good and evil and gave some to her husband, who was with her. 


“Adam had watched the whole thing.  He didn’t silence the devil; he didn’t stop his wife.  The man, who had spent enough time with God to name every living creature on the planet, made the decision to throw it all away, disregard the warning of death and partake of evil.


“The Bible tells us that Eve was honestly tricked, but Adam knew better; like Satan, he was a traitor.  He knowingly surrendered his loyalty to God and willingly transferred the dominion God had given him over His creation, to the devil. 


“As you said, and I agreed, everything changed. They now realized they were naked, so God had to sacrifice two of his precious animals to clothe the man and the woman. God also had to banish them from the Garden and post a powerful angel brandishing a flaming sword at the Garden’s entrance to prevent them from partaking of the tree of life and living in their fallen, sinful state forever. 


“Instead of a peaceful, luscious garden, the earth was now cursed to produce thorns and thistles.  Through hard labor, sweat and toil, heartache and pain the man would etch out a living.  The woman would conceive in agony and death always laid in wait, crouching at life’s door.  The world was now sinister and life was full of fear and uncertainty.


“God knew that once the man and the woman encountered evil, their fleshly senses would come to life and they’d be tempted beyond their control; the fleshly cravings of what looks good, sounds good, smells good, tastes good, and feels good could never be satisfied.  The devil was now their master and through the five senses, he controlled humanity like puppets on a string.


“Before speaking it into existence, God worked out everything to conform to His will.  He’d formulated a plan to save humanity, deliver them from their fallen condition, and restore them to their original state with Him.  Knowing they couldn’t deliver themselves, a savior was needed. Aware of the enormity of this undertaking, God’s only begotten Son agreed to the mission.  God sent His Son, Jesus, the Christ, in the form of a man to rescue humanity from its fallen state. 


“Son, here’s the good news, because of Jesus Christ’s perfect life, sacrificial death and God’s resurrection power, humanity’s been offered freedom from their sensual, fleshly, selfish, prison of sin.  You see, Adam had it all and gave it up, and we have pain, sorrow and death. But by choosing Christ, we can overcome the flesh; we don’t have to be the devil’s puppet any longer. And by so doing, we become far more superior than Adam ever was. 


“This group who run the world call themselves the Illuminati and they believe they are the enlightened ones.  These Illuminati folks believe that Lucifer, that ole devil, is God.    They also believe that Lucifer is the savior that came to enlighten humanity by revealing good and evil.  They believe that the true God hid this knowledge from humanity, and as long as He was able to keep this knowledge hidden, people would continue believing that He was God. 


“Son, the Illuminati are Luciferians.  They worship the devil and believe that he’s God, and the true God’s the devil.  They also believe the lie Lucifer told Adam and Eve in the Garden, that they would be gods. This master plan you speak of is channeled directly from Lucifer; that’s the only reason it’s continued for generation after generation.  It’s Lucifer, God’s archenemy, who’s guiding these wicked men every step of the way.


“When God finished creating the world, He said it was good.  When God created mankind, He said it was very good.  That means it was perfect.  Although man’s disobedience to God generated a cycle of death, the world still continued in its original progression.  But when you alter perfection, even one iota, it’s now imperfect.  The devil is destroying God’s perfect world and reconstructing an evil world.”


“How’s he doing that?” I asked.


“Son, these Illuminati folks are psychopaths and they’re executing technological, biological, scientific warfare against the universe and humanity. They’re able to do it through genetically modified and processed foods, aspartame, sodium fluoride in the water, poisonous Bisphenol-A in plastics, vaccines laced with mercury and other poisons, and aluminum and barium being sprayed from the skies, just to name a few. These modified organisms, toxins and additives people eat, drink and breathe, have been scientifically designed to alter the cellular components and DNA codes of human beings, and through them, all generations that follow.  But it’s not just humans, it’s plants, trees, soil, water, the atmosphere, everything on the planet is being genetically or chemically altered.  And it’s this slow-death process of genetically altered foods, drugs and toxins that are behind incurable diseases and fatal illnesses.”  


I recalled one of the Elite’s arrogant boasts, through diets, injections and injunctions, we’ll reduce the masses to subhuman beings fit only for extermination. And I knew they were doing it through modern medicine, scientific and pharmaceutical research, university laboratories and the Military Industrial Complex.  And the naive public, while being used as gunny pigs, were funding this insanity to their own demise.


“I know it’s hard to believe,” Mr. Freeman continued, “that human beings could be so evil, but these globalist Elites are psychotic sociopathic authoritarians, they’re demon indwelled and they’ll stop at nothing short of complete world dominance.  By trying to keep their race pure, they’re so deeply inbred that ninety percent of their offspring are certified mentally ill—I mean stark raving lunatics. The rest of them may be considered geniuses, but they’re on the edge of being psychotic sociopaths.


“The Illuminati think they’re gods, the same way the devil thinks he’s god, and the rest of us aren’t worth a fly being swatted or an ant being stepped on.  With this mindset, you can understand why the devil can get them to do his bidding.  And don’t ask me how, but some way Lucifer has convinced these geniuses that they can live forever; as a human brain living inside a robotic body.


“The Bible tells us that the devil is the god of this world—thanks to Adam—but he’s not God, he just thinks he is.  God knows all things, hears all things and sees all things; He’s omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.  Lucifer can’t be in every place at the same time, so he’s setup surveillance cameras, listening devices and stoolpigeons everywhere so he can see and hear everything folks are doing and saying; that’s why he wants everybody implanted with a RFID chip.”


“So how are they,” I asked, “going to avoid the deadly effects of these toxicants and genetically modified products they’re using to contaminate the planet and slow-kill humanity?”


“The Illuminati don’t realize that Lucifer’s got a hidden agenda that’s way different from theirs.  You see, the devil’s end-goal is to annihilate God’s entire creation, including them.  He knows his time is short and he plans to take as many with him as he can. 


“The Bible says that God cuts the days short, or the devil would annihilate the entire creation.  God sends Jesus back to put an end to the devils insolence before he’s able to complete his endgame.”


This spiritual aspect was the missing component to The Master Plan. Until now, it was hard to accept that human beings could be so inherently evil, but it now all made sense.  The Master Plan was actually Lucifer’s strategic war-plan against the Almighty God.


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An Excerpt from The Master Plan


“Have you experienced the goons, yet,” Monique asked?”

“Yes, I have,” I answered, recalling the incidents in the yard.  “I was attacked by one of them when I first arrived.” 

“They’re not human!” she exclaimed.  “The goons are a product of technoscience. They have mapped out each function and its location in the brain; they know the areas that contain the intellect, beliefs, emotional feelings, pain, creativity, even the will.  And through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) any part of the brain can be stimulated to cause a desired behavior.  The’ve removed the goons’ emotions and their ability to exercise free will.”

“So that’s why they act like zombies,” I thought aloud.

 “Not only are they zombies,” she persisted, “but they’re Bionic, with super-human abilities.  They appear to be human but they’re not; they’re Frankenstein monsters.  As you can imagine, this kind of experimentation took decades to develop.  The military was the experimental laboratory and the enlisted soldier was the main subject for research.  It was bad enough when they produced the Bionic super-soldier capable of fighting for days without rest; they were pressured through ten, eleven, even twelve tours of duty just to see what it would take before they experienced a complete mental and physical melt down.  According to my records, that’s around the same time we noticed an escalation of suicides among the soldiers. At least they allowed the super-soldiers to retain their normal, human behavioral traits until their systems failed.  But the goons, they’re just brain-dead beasts!

“They’ve been injected with a nanotech serum that devours any behavioral trait they want to remove.   Each serum is engineered to target specific areas of the brain and devour that area.  The type of serum used depends on how radical they want to change a person’s behavior.  If they chose, they can perform a complete lobotomy and wipe out the entire thought process.

“After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers this technology was declassify and they opened it up to the public.  With the Federal Drug Administration’s approval, pharmaceutical companies placed these nanotech-serums on the market with the claim of eliminating stress, anxiety or anger.  They called these serums vaccines and people were actually buying them.  However, when you eradicate a negative behavioral trait, it’s often connected with a positive trait, like the will, creativity, and the ability to reason or make personal choices.  The use of these vaccines reduced people to submissive zombies, similar to the goons.   

“The war in the Middle East gave them the opportunity to use these serums freely under the banner of fighting terrorism.”

I interrupted her, “Considering everything you’ve said, I wouldn’t put anything past them.  But how was it used in the Middle East?” I asked.

“Housed in a U.S. Military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were alleged terrorists.  Under various technics such as TMS and positron emission tomography (PET) their brains were studied to learn how they reacted under increasing torture, they then recorded the precise location of that reaction within the brain.  They were also able to determine areas of the brain stimulated while performing a terrorist act.  They dubbed those areas of the brain the Terrorist-gene, and then designed a serum to eradicate those areas.  Knowing that most people take an annual flu shot, they simply included the serum in the vaccine.”

“My goodness, Monique, everyone in the Middle East who got that flu shot could’ve been lobotomized.”

“It gets worse, Lance.  These were mere experiments for further explorations.  Under the war on terrorism, the United Nations issued a directive to vaccinate the Middle East and North Africa—they always seem to target the Third world countries first.  To assure everyone was inoculated, they engineered flying robot-mosquitos that indiscriminately administered the serum through its stinger.  Since many people stung two, three and even four times, it quickly turned into a disaster.  It ended with NATO troops demolishing entire cities to cover up the terminal illness and human loss this program caused.”

Monique suddenly grew quiet, “You know,” she began in almost a whisper, “the powers that be now think that they can live forever.  They actually believe that technology has advanced to the degree that they can exist in an expendable bionic, robotic body that’s operated by their brain, and consequently live forever.  

“With robots able to repair themselves and operate every that a human can, humans are obsolete.  They’re replacing human beings with robots and machines and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they did away with all of us, Lance.”

“Well, Monique, it appears that the post-human era is here; it’s a slow-kill with diets and injections as they exploit our creativity and labor; they’re slow-killing us and stealing our inheritance.”

“And now,” Monique exclaimed, “that we have the Titan, which is capable of twenty petaflops, that’s twenty quadrillion calculations per second, and with a central processing units (CPUs) at 299,008 and a graphics processing units (GPUs) at 18,688, it can run the entire world without any assistance from a human being.”

So you’re actually capable of writing a program that will run everything in the world?” I asked.

“Yes, once the computer has been programed it can wirelessly run everything.  It’ll have to be maintained periodically, but robots will be able to follow the Titan’s instructions and do that.”

“What else is this computer capable of doing?”

“Well, there is another procedure termed Embedded Electronics or Biochip Implants that include a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) that can be scanned and read by RFID readers. The RFID uses radio signals to read identification codes and other data stored in an RFID transponder. It contains a LifeChip, with a life span of up to 250 years and it's a reliable way to electronically detect, control, and track everything; products, information, animals, plants, even people.

“Everything on the planet is scheduled to be marked, tracked and monitored. If it moves, it'll have a transponder; if it doesn't move, it’ll have a bar code of some variety or a chemical antenna spayed on directly, or by Chemtrails—they will know when a tree was cut down or a blade of grass was mowed. Everything on the planet will have some form of tracking device using binary numbers or computer language, whether they are 3-D symbols or a RFID.

“The requirement for people is to have a microscopic Biochip that contains a person's DNA code, their digitized photo, identification number and every relating piece of documentation since birth.  Special injectors have an anti-migration tip sheathed in a polypropylene shell to prevent the Biochip from moving around. This coating also offers a surface with which fibrous connective tissue begins to bond within twenty-four hours of being injected.  It becomes a part of the body, and once implanted, the RFID is virtually impossible to retrieve. The right hand and the forehead are the two places on the body that are the easiest to scan.”

“What are the advantages,” I asked, “of an embedded chip with all of your personal information available to anyone who has one of these scanners or RFID readers?”

“Having a person’s medical history made instantly available could be a lifesaver and the records can’t be lost.  You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a wallet or a purse.  It eliminates error, stops identity theft, money laundering.”

 “I’ll admit,” I said jokingly, “it beats a lobotomy.  But seriously, where you see convenience, I see a loss of privacy.  With every new law, regulation and policy, you lose privacy and freedoms.  Gradually, one incremental step at a time, there’s no privacy and no freedom and you’re living in a glass bowl under the constant watchful eye of the State and its minions.  That’s not freedom, Monique; that’s enslavement. 

“Moreover, I don’t trust them.  The State doesn’t care about us.  As we’ve both concluded, they’d just as soon kill us as look at us.  So why would you think they’re suddenly interested in doing something that would benefit us?  No, we see some things a lot differently, Monique.”

“There are people who have accepted their station in life, Lance, even though it is under the watchful eye of the State.  And for them, there is a volunteer program that fuses computer technology into their brain.  The proper term is chip grafting.  An implanted chip translates and digitizes their current thoughts, which are transmitted to the Titan computer.  This new technique reads and then captures a thought while it’s being generated in the mind.  Through electromagnetic emissions from the brain, the computer reads what a person is thinking. If a thought is detected that opposes the system, the computer will alter those brain waves and cause that person to change his or her mind.”

“So, we either agree to the State micromanaging every thought we make for the rest of our lives or they’ll completely remove our ability to think.  No, that’s not quite the way I’d like to live my life, Monique.”

“Another procedure, which is voluntary and included with the chip grafting, is a neural chip implant. A microscopic video camera is implanted behind the eye. This transmits a visual picture to a screen the same as the human eye transmits what we see to our brains. This will provide the authorities with a visual and audio record of every action in which a person is involved. The chip grafting reveals the thoughts and sensations, while the neural chip implant provides the sights and sounds. That way, whatever a person thinks, feels, sees, and hears is recorded.  The future planning for these procedures is that they be done at birth.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask what else they’re up to.”

“Well, the authorities are pretty excited about the Titan, particularly in the field of education. Just today, my instructor told us:

Now, with the help of our new super-computerized system, valuable time and labor would be cut considerably.

Fred Moore is seven years old and a student in Public Education Concenter 419. Fred's classes consist of him alone. Pupils frequently gather in groups, for seminar-like discussions. However, most of Fred's time is spent at the learning console, which consists of a computer.

 ‘Fred’s computer—like all the other Concenter computers around the world—is connected to the main terminal in the Educational Resources Center. There, a team of psychologists, programmers, expert teachers of everything from arithmetic to zoology, remedial specialists, and guidance counselors comb Fred's record, and his progress is tabulated by the computers. No one knows Fred's grade level and it doesn't matter. He works at his own pace. No one can come between Fred and the curriculum we have determined for him.

‘The old, antiquated form of education was too concerned with a child's individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, facts, and religious dogmas, and too little concerned with values. The concept of right and wrong are outdated methods of charting the changes in human behavior. We are concerned with values, attitudes, interests, ideals, and habits.

‘The global educative process is clear and easily understood. Education is tied directly to jobs—the job is our critical point in the State. We intend to start our educational process at birth, linking instruction with productive labor. Our teaching is a continuous, lifelong education. That is why we are raising children in communal nurseries; that way, any form of theology and history is suppressed.

‘Our educative process gives incentives to the one who cooperates most effectively with others. Our educative process molds Fred's cognitive structure, including all his facts, concepts, beliefs, and expectations. We modify his valences and values. We prepare him for the realization of his best self in the higher loyalty of serving the State. World citizenship, a global principle, is the standard education of every child!’

While studying The Master Plan and its New World Order, I would often encounter such indoctrination and brainwashing technics as these.  They were always aimed at the infant and from the womb to the tomb they were designed to enslave mentally, physically and spiritually.




Excerpt from The Master Plan

By Al Duncan

March 1, 2013

“My father and his colleague’s findings were staggering. At first, I thought he might have been mistaken, but as I studied the facts, I noticed a subtle, methodical agenda weaving its way throughout the whole affair. After thoroughly examining all of the documents, I was forced to agree with his conclusions.

“Father's reports contained photocopies of documents and maps that came out of the United Nations conferences and the Convention on Biological Diversity. It was categorized under a project entitled Agenda 21 and the subsection, Sustainable Development. Harsh policies restricting people's rights and liberties were ratified through international agreements and treaties. Every member of the United Nations was bond by this agreement.

“What was happening in Africa was a mirror of what was taking place all over the world, especially America. After connecting all the dots, there was an obvious plan to reduce the world's population, seize control of large landmasses, and confine humans to designated island areas.

“America is a nation with many states, yet united under one national head. Africa is a continent, with many independent, separate countries, and according to the United Nations report, the goal regarding Africa and the Middle East was to exploit their vast resources.

“Representatives from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were sent to the heads of countries rich in natural resources. The process involved an offer to transform the country into the modern, 21st century. Repayment for these transformation loans were in the form of natural resources and taxable labor. If a country’s leader rejected the bank’s offer of eternal indebtedness, the CIA, MI6 or a like agency was used to overthrow the leader by whatever means necessary. If those attempts failed, NATO Peacekeeping Forces were deployed to defend the hired rebels and depose the nation’s leader.

“The international media always supported the rebel forces under the banner of democracy. So out of ignorance the public also supported the rebel forces and their supposed battle for freedom. The resisting leader was dethroned and replaced with a tyrannical shill for the international bankers whose sole intent was to exploit the country and the people. This was happening all over Africa and the Middle East.

“At this time, my father and I noticed government-instituted, United Nations family planning centers cropping up in surrounding towns. These family planners held town hall meetings and presented videos that strongly advocated vaccines, contraceptives, sterilization and abortions. These videos were mere propaganda pieces to convince the people to be a participant in the family planners’ program of infanticide. As an inducement, they offered medical supplies and food rations.”

“Why are you calling it infanticide?” I interrupted. “At least one organization was making a sincere effort to address the people’s needs.”

“Killing a three week old infant in the womb or a three year old child is infanticide, Lance.” she retorted. “They were teaching the women that a three years old child was no different than an unborn fetus, since both were unable to make knowledgeable decisions.

“With no questions asked, a mother could deliver her three years old child, or younger, to the United Nations Planners for termination,” Monique responded with disdain.

“Africans have always believed in large families, possessed strong family ties and heterosexuality relationships. Under normal conditions, Africans would never agree to be sterilized, and they certainly would not hand over their children to be murdered. With Africa a warzone, the family planners successfully targeted the hardest hit areas.”

“I see your point. Couldn’t your father or his associates intervene?” I probed.

“They tried,” she answered. “This was all part of the United Nations Agenda 21, population control program. But the African project, which was pure eugenics, was special; it was being assisted with funds from billion dollar tax-exempt foundations whose founders controlled large companies and held the purse strings of governments around the world. The sole objective was to reduce the world’s population. According to their own figures, they wanted to eliminate ninety percent of the population, with Africa and the Middle East their number one targets.”

“What was the world’s population at that time?” I asked.

“Oh, roughly eight and a half billion people,” she quipped.

“So we’re talking about five hundred million people left on the planet when they get through with us,” I countered.

“Yes, approximately five hundred million; but we found some foundations demanding it be reduced to one hundred million. With that small number of people on earth, they claimed, they would be able to procreate as they pleased, they would have the freedom to travel anywhere on the globe un-accosted by commoners, and the whole world would be their playground.”

“That is an awful lot of people to kill, and then bury,” I exclaimed.

“The documents my father discovered provided detailed accounts that every war within the past one hundred years was orchestrated to bankrupt the nations and reduce the population. And yet, war had not significantly decreased the population to their satisfaction.

“The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) provided planning centers with clinics that administered vaccinations. These centers had a list of everyone’s name living in that vicinity. These centers were guarded by the military who administered server punishment to anyone who refused to be vaccinated. We soon discovered that most of the vaccines were laced with various diseases.

“Father began to advance his research, and his findings revealed documented proof that HIV, along with a number of other viruses had been engineered. Under the cloak of germ warfare, Congress funded a project to find a virus capable of deteriorating the human immune system. During the developmental stages, they grafted an assortment of animal viruses that had been mutated in monkeys and chimpanzees. These viruses were eventually cultured with human cells and ultimately injected into human genes. The final result was a number of very powerful, independent viruses commingled into one. What makes AIDS extremely difficult to eradicate, is the number of individual viruses constituting different strains. Father was also able to locate a patent for the cure of AIDS.

“The strain of AIDS introduced into Africa was far more infectious than strains found elsewhere. It was also discovered that the Negroid gene had a predilection to HIV. In some areas of the African continent, seventy-five percent of the people had tested HIV positive, and in other areas, as high as one hundred percent.

“We also learned that most incidents of HIV positive were not being transmitted through homosexual relationships or promiscuous sexual encounters as disseminated by the press. But instead, HIV, as well as other viruses and diseases were being transmitted through the forced immunization program. This was discovered when seven year old children were testing positive for HIV, yet neither parent was found to be HIV positive.

“Included in this genocide called Societal Cleansing was the culling of the genetically inferior, such as morons, misfits, the maladjusted and the aged. Senior citizens were terminated at fifty years old to prevent a financial and psychological burden on society. This also prevented senior citizen’s opposing and archaic views from being passed on to younger generations.

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was the agency chosen to administer this societal cleansing. This involved restructuring the cities of the world, protecting the ecology against the destructive forces of modern society and the implementation of social equity and the restructuring of life itself. This all fell under the UN Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development program.

“Broad and unbridled authority was given to the EPA to prevent humans from draining the earth’s limited resources. This monstrous plan included every facet of life. Man was considered the most dangerous, destructive, selfish and unethical creature on Mother Earth.

“The law enforcement agency to protect Mother Earth was called the Green Police; they had inclusive authorization to confiscate personal belongings, shut down businesses or operations, and kill anyone that interfered with their agenda.

“The EPA’s Agenda 21 manual, stated:

Global warming, the depletion of fuel, water, food, and the like, is the direct cause of human intervention. The real enemy is humanity itself. The damage people cause the planet is a function of demographics equal to the degree of development. The ecological crisis was really the population crisis. Cut the population by ninety-plus percent and you stop injuring the earth by an equal amount.”

With tongue-in-cheek, I interrupted, “I wonder if any of the UN leaders are willing to sacrifice their lives, or the lives of their children or grandchildren in order to save the earth from the blight of human existence?”

“Well,” she continued, “the presupposition is that Mother Earth has the capacity to regulate or heal herself under natural conditions. But the human species has developed technology to overwhelm the earth's capacity to heal herself, and she is therefore doomed to destruction unless humans are stopped from their technological assault.

“They depict humans as zombies that must be exterminated to stop their destructive behavior to the earth. The association between human beings and zombies is particularly directed against those that reject Globalism and the Global Warming restructuring programs of the earth, its galactic surroundings, and all life forms are the controlling factors behind this thrust to reduce the population. Those that don’t believe in these programs are portrayed as none-human zombies that exist to consume all they can to satisfy only themselves. But the real reason for this push for population reduction is so that they can have the world as their playground.

“This environmental hocus-pocus merely provided justification for their claim that the population of the world was increasing too quickly, and in order to stabilize the population, at least 350,000 people a day had to be eliminated. Although I agree that the world is over populated, I do not believe killing 350,000 people a day is the solution to the problem.”

I quickly interrupted, “Monique, It’s a fact that the entire population of the world can live comfortably in the State of Texas on an acre per person. So, killing 350,000 people under the pretext of over population is insanity. They’ve purposely herded the masses into the major cities to create the illusion that we’re running out of space and resources, but we’re not. If they’re so bent on reducing the population, I suggest they start with themselves!”

“Most of their efforts,” she continued without comment, “were directed toward the United States. They attributed much of the earth's devastation to Americans' standard of living, such as industrialization and their usage of air and earth contaminating products. They claimed that one American burdens the earth more than twenty people from an undeveloped country. I thought it was strange that China was never mentioned, although they are the largest polluters on the planet; it might be due to the fact that they introduced the one child policy.

“It was through the land management policies under Agenda 21 that they confiscated the best areas of the countries and designated them under Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites. All major ecosystems in a region were reserved. To protect these ecosystems, buffer zones were established around them. They defined a buffer zone as an area surrounding any property with restrictions on its use. During the mid-1990s, the United States president donated most of America’s National parks and lands under the Bureau of Land Management, National Rivers and Streams to the United Nations for protection.

“Likewise, the continent of Africa was charted and then divided into major ecosystems for reserve. These conterminous States were encompassed in core reserves with inner corridor zones, which created a wilderness network that dominated a region with human habitations being small islands. They designated a half of the continent as wilderness areas with another fourth as buffer zones. These stringent policies grossly restricted human activity. People lived on small islands communities, they could only travel on the thoroughfares connecting the island communities, and they could never trespass into the buffer zones since they protected the delicate ecosystems. This was being done under a religious hypothesis of protecting Mother Earth against the destructive actions of mankind.”

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By Al Duncan

February 1, 2013

An excerpt from The Master Plan

“Prior financial dealings with the United States proved that America would not be penetrated easily. The original founders of the United States Constitution had masterfully erected individual, separate institutions to guard against an assault. These independent institutions made it difficult for an enemy to attach their mechanical linkages and frail bridges that were designed to weaken a country's structure and force its collapse. The only recourse was to directly confront the United States Constitution and dismantle it piece by piece.

“Through the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the road was paved for the United Nations (UN). It was through this United Nations organization that the Elite international bankers intended to conquer the world. This was Global Government and the start of the New World Order.

“A huge campaign that spared no effort was orchestrated to misinform the American public regarding its direction and purpose. Senate opposition was rendered so impotent that there was no significant support against the enactment of the United Nations Charter. Subsequently, forty-two members of the United States delegation adopted the United Nations Charter.

“The United States Congress then opened a bank account in the name of The United Nations. They authorized the State Department to make annual payments out of the United States Treasury for whatever amount the General Assembly of the UN felt necessary to cover its share of expenses.

“The general consensus decided that the UN headquarters be in the United States. At a cost of $8,500,000, the 17-acre site for the United Nations headquarters in New York was donated by one of the richest banking and oil families in America. The $65,000,000 cost to construct the United Nations building was an interest-free loan paid for by the American taxpayers.

“The United Nations published a Human Development Report with objectives to establish a global tax and form a strong UN military, dubbed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The UN, through NATO, was given authorization as the principal custodian of global human security, and was dubbed, the International Peace Keepers.

“All of this took place without public knowledge or approval. Although, Article 1 Section 10 of the United States Constitution specifically prohibits states or their subdivisions from entering into any treaty, alliance or confederation with a foreign political organization.

“The United Nations and its Charter was a monstrous, destructive device that was now permanently attached to the United States Constitution. The UN held the idea of a universal morality, superior to the interests of individual nations, including the initiation of a Social Charter pledging a new global civil society based upon Global Governance. The United Nations Organization was the installation of a world government with an international control of armies, a universal system of money, and the authority to implement and eliminate tariffs and quota restrictions on trade.

“The ability to make treaties provides an extraordinary power that opens the door for subversion. Treaties create international law, and they also make domestic law. They’re superior to ordinary laws since congressional laws are invalid if they don’t conform to the Constitution, whereas treaty law can override the Constitution.

“Under the Constitution, treaties become the supreme laws of the land. Treaty laws take power away from the branches of Congress and give them to the President or some foreign body. They also take powers from the states and give them to the Federal Government or some international body, and they can cut across the rights given to the people by their constitutional Bill of Rights.”

“Wait a minute, Lance.” Monique began, “If United Nations treaties supersede the Constitution, the instant the United States became a member of the United Nations, the Constitution was rendered null and void, all sovereignty vanished and the United States was, as of that moment, legally governed by the United Nations. This would also apply to all of the 192 member-states of the United Nations.

“That means since October 24, 1945, any enactment of a treaty attaching the United States to the United Nations Charter—even if it is unconstitutional—by members of the Executive, the Judicial or the Legislative Branches of government makes it perfectly legal under treaty laws.”

“You make an excellent point, Monique. But you’ve failed to consider that upon entering public office, every United States official takes an oath to uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. So, any illegal act against the Constitution, such as conferring authority to a foreign government, is just that, illegal. And any government official that endorses an unconstitutional law, has automatically violated their oath, nullified their official position, violated the Constitutional and committed treason. Furthermore, any public official who’s aware of such a crime being committed is obligated to report that crime or they, too, have violated the law and could become a conspirator to treason. I would venture to say that every member, past and present, of each branch of government since October 24, 1945 has violated their Constitutional oath.

“And therein lies the dilemma; no one will enforce the law against anyone else because they, too, are conspirators.

“It’s now understandable that no charges were filed against the United States President when he violated Constitution law by chairing the United Nations Security Council. We can also understand why no charges were filed when, without Congressional approval, he sent American fighter jets and troops against Libya, a country that presented no threat or harm to America. It’s also clear why charges weren’t brought against the Secretary of Defense when he testified before Congress that he takes orders only from the United Nations—although all of these actions were treasonous. And I could accurately continue with Congress passing unconstitutional laws and the Justices writing unconstitutional laws, along with the writing of unconstitutional Executive Orders, but I’ve already made my point.

“Nothing is, as it appears to be, Monique. The American people believe they’re still living under a Republic and that the United States Constitution is still the law of the land. But they are not and it is not. The members of the three branches of government know perfectly well that America is no longer a Republic and that the Constitution is nothing but an obsolete piece of paper. Therefore, they must keep the American people living in this matrix. And, it is the duty of every bureaucrat and their media lackeys to make sure they stay in the matrix; at least until they’ve eliminated all their legal rights and physical capabilities of restoring America to its original state as a Republic. This is also why they have to confiscate the guns from American citizens.

“I believe that the matrix in which the American people are living will eventually be shattered, but not before all possibilities for a successful revolt have been removed from the reach of the people.

The United Nations was the Trojan horse that dismantled the United State Constitutional, rendered all of the people’s rights and freedoms as hallow shells, and caused the demise of America, and every other sovereign nation.

“You see, the Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA), World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades (GATT), the Economic and Financial Organization (EFO), the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Chemical Weapons Treaty (CWT), and all other treaties embrace a Central Bank, the Federal Reserve. The introduction of these treaties helped to demolish sovereignty, economically, militarily and territorially. These institutions were formed to equalize the power-base of all countries through the redistribution of wealth, by regulating the production and distribution of raw materials and food, and controlling the flow of inter-regional investment and migration throughout the world.

“An equitable distribution of wealth had to be established, along with an erosion of sovereignty, to the immediate disadvantage of those nations that possessed the majority of power, chiefly the United States of America. To put it simply, all countries had to be made equal. Since the United States was the most prosperous, she had to be drained of her wealth and reduced to third-world status. To accomplish this, economic controls were placed into the hands of Central Bankers, which also deprived governments of exclusive control over its national currency.

“To fulfill the United Nations economic, social and environmental development program, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was setup to regulate the manufacturer. To control the distribution of all products and eliminate waste, department and grocery store chains became the delivery points of all items. To control the farming industry, the individual farmer was regulated as what to plant and how much to plant.

“Liberalizing trade in goods and services opened the borders to other countries pursuing their own personal agendas, which created the need for a world governing body to supervise the mercantile affairs of the world. By merging into a one-world economic system, the WTO was the authority to administer arrangements and to resolve global trade disputes.

“One of the Articles specifically stated that each member had to ensure the conformity of its laws, regulations, and administrative procedures with its obligations. The Dispute Settlement Board was the final judge as to whether the WTO’s global rules of trade and tariffs were met. All nations had to abide by these judgments, and financial penalties and sanctions would be imposed if these rules were not met. This wasn’t free trade, it was controlled trade.

“When I asked Mr. Freeman his thoughts on politics, he explained, “Well, son, you picked a subject that really raises the hairs on the back of my neck,” he began. “We haven’t been a Republic for close to a century. I know it sounds crazy, but elected officials sold us out way back in the mid-40s. Every nation, including the United States, surrendered its sovereignty when it joined the UN. And all government officials since then have been coconspirators to their treasonous acts for not exposing it.

“The Bible says it like this; the dragon gave its power to the beast; and all the kings of the earth give their power to the beast. Then they all asked who is powerful enough to make war against the beast?

“Son, the dragon is Satan, the beast is the UN, and all the nations of the world gave their power to the UN. And, I ask you, who’s able to make war against NATO?

“Through the phony two party systems, the Elite, as you call them, select, hire and nominate both candidates so that either vote is a vote for the candidate of their choice, not the choice of the people. Moreover, the issues placed on the ballot only further their agenda. Any other candidates and issues will never see the light of day. But let’s say the people did get enough signatures to place a candidate or an issue on the ballot, then the electronic voting machines will be programed to make sure they never make it. And if a candidate slipped through, which in these times is highly unlikely, they’d be rendered impotent from the gate or just a voice in the wind; and if an issue slipped through, why the Federal Courts would just overturn it.

“Without a shot fired, the United States of America was conquered by a band of criminal bankers almost seventy-five years ago. No, son, I’d never hand over my allegiance to another man to represent me. My loyalty is to God and His son, Jesus Christ, not a man. King Jesus, and Him only, will get my vote every time.”

© 2013 Al Duncan - All Rights Reserved


  The largest Theft In History

An excerpt from

The Master Plan

By Al Duncan



“The international banking system and the international industrialists had dominated the European setting for decades through the establishment of Central Banks.  Through Central Banks, the Elite gradually absorbed the wealth of the world and used it to further their goal of a New World Order.  All previous efforts to pass off a Central Bank on the American public had failed.  And that was only because the United States Constitution gave Congress alone the authority to create money and govern its value.


“With planned precision, every ploy was used to establish a Central Bank in the United States, but it had to be secretly slipped into the Republic.  It had to be a financial institution that performed all the functions of a Central Bank, and yet, the American public had to be convinced that it operated on their behalf.  With great planning late one Christmas eve, while most Legislators were with family, the Federal Reserve Act was sneaked through Congress.


“The Federal Reserve (Fed)—a Central Bank privately owned by the Elite, International Bankers—created a financial power independent of, and above the Government of the United States. Under the Federal Reserve Act, private bankers were allowed to create money out of nothing and loan it to the United States at a high rate of interest.


“Along with the implementation of the Fed was the Income Tax. This unconstitutional taxation forced Americans to pay the government for each hour they worked; Americans were now taxed for making living.  While normal taxation is applied to support some form of government action, not one dime of this tax was used for the country, but every penny went directly into the pockets of the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank.


“The Elite had finally devised a means to empty the United States treasury, transfer the power to create money into their control, and extract wealth from the American people by taxing them for making a living.”


“It was the Federal Reserve Act that transformed the United States from the greatest creditor nation in the history of modern civilization to the greatest debtor nation; from the greatest exporting and manufacturing nation into the greatest consuming and importing nation with a continuous balance of trade against it. Moreover, the Federal Reserve Act helped to cause the most benevolent nation in the history of the world to become the most tyrannical.


“One Central Bank was needed to consolidate all central banks, so the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was established. This Central Bank was also privately owned and controlled by the world's central banks, all of which were private corporations. Through the BIS, and its American counterpart the Fed, the Elite were able to move billions of dollars daily and change the direction of economies by simply raising or lowering the interest rate one fraction of a percentage point. Collectively, each central bank dominated its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in each country, as well as obtain the support of politicians by giving them economic rewards in the business world, such as insider tips on when the rates would be raised or lowered.


“The Gold Standard held the dollar to a tangible, defined value and so it had to be removed.  With the elimination of the Gold Standard, was the introduction of the credit system.  Making credit available to the public replaced capitalism and its economic free-market system determined by competition.  Eliminating the gold standard and introducing a system of credit completed the Federal Reserve coup. 


“Banks operate on what is called a fractional-reserve banking system.  That is, the amount of money held in reserve represented only a fraction of what banks could loan.  With the gold standard gone and credit firmly in place, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) eventually allowed banks to loan up to ten dollars for every one dollar held in reserve.  To remove all restraints by the SEC, the Elite bankers employed the nation’s leading lobbyists and launched an all-out assault on Washington to render the SEC impotent.  They simultaneously bought, bribed and threatened public officials to employ banker personnel in key government regulatory positions, especially within the SEC, the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury.  Through this banker-lobby intervention and Congressional capitulation the SEC was infiltrated and subverted.   Now, regardless of the amount held in reserve, the banks were allowed to loan as much as they wanted; this was like being able to create money out of thin air. 


“Commercial banks and investment banks operated under different regulations.  The Glass Steagall Act allowed investment banks to buy, sell and trade commodities, but restricted commercial banks that took in deposits to make sound investments for their depositors.  It was the Glass Steagall Act that protected the depositor by restricting commercial banks from speculating with depositors’ funds.  And so the next banker-lobby assault resulted in the removal of the Glass Steagall Act.


“With all obstructions gove, the Elite international bankers needed a vehicle to siphon depositor’s funds, thus the creation of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), also referred to as derivatives.  So with all restrictions removed, banks began to speculate using depositor’s funds, and when those funds were exhausted, they begin speculating with money created out of thin air.”


“The Elite central bankers conspired to steal the world’s wealth and place the burden of their theft upon the peoples of world in the form of a debt so overwhelming they could never recover. And the means they used to accomplish this diabolical conspiracy were Mortgage Backed Securities, sometimes referred to as Derivatives.


“With all restraints now out of the way, the door was open for collusion between commercial and investment banks.  Eliminating the SECs regulation that limited the amount that banks could loan against their reserves and removing the protections given to the public through the Glass Steagall Act paved the way for the real estate bubble, the siphoning of wealth and the total financial takeover.


“Typically, insurance ratings for real estate loans are based on the appraised value of the property and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, along with a substantial down payment based on a percentage of the loan.  These combined factors constitute a good or bad loan rating.  Insurance companies like American International Group (AIG) guaranteed loans as triple-A prime, when they were actually subprime, which made them participants in this conspiracy.  


“The Fed sets the rate of interest that commercial banks can borrow money.  The lower the rate banks pay, the lower the rate banks charge borrowers.  Low rates enticed banks to borrow this cheap money from the Fed.  The interest rate set by the Fed also determine the rate banks pay their depositors.  Low interest rates discourage depositors from saving, resulting in fewer funds to loan, which forces the banks back to the Fed’s money trough for more cheap loans. 


“Equally so, cheap money encourages investors to invest in- or expand businesses.  Low interest rates also encourage people to make large purchases such as cars and homes.  By artificially adjusting the interest rates down, instead of allowing the rate to fluctuate naturally based on cost and demand, the Fed controlled the flow of money into and out of the market.  Since the United States is the engine that drives the global economy, the Fed, seated at the helm, was able to manipulate the economic markets around the world. 


“In order to stimulate the housing market the Fed incrementally lowered interest rates. Government lenders such as the Federal Housing Administration, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac eliminated previous loan restrictions, encouraged every kind of creative loan imaginable, and even approved unqualified buyers to buy homes. These actions were combined with huge TV, radio, and newspaper advertising campaigns, which drove real estate prices to unparalleled heights.


“As the housing market ballooned, the millions of risky subprime loans that were deviously combined with prime-loans were packaged as MBS and falsely rated Triple-A prime.  While commercial banks retained some of these securities, investment banks purchased them in mass amounts, repackaged them, reinstated the deceptive triple-A prime ratings and resold them.  Mortgage Backed Securities were sold to every person and institution that would buy them; investment houses, colleges, cities and even counties held them as major investments in their portfolios.   


“Being in high demand, MBS were sold, and then resold hundreds of times all over the world.  With each subsequent sale, a premium and a commission fee was added, causing the original cost to double, triple and even quadruple with each new sale.  As long as the housing market was thriving everything was fine.  But when the unqualified buyers started forfeiting on their loans and the insurance companies were no longer able to compensate the losses, the real estate market literally imploded overnight. 


“Instantly, MBS weren’t worth the paper they were printed on.  Anyone holding these instruments suffered great losses and since most banks around the world were saturated with them, they were instantly insolvent.  The rough estimation of losses by the international banking community, the insurance companies and the lending institutions was close to one gazillion dollars, if you can fathom such an amount.   


“Well, money doesn’t just disappear.  Even zeros on a ledger have to be accounted for.  With each transaction, the Elite bankers siphoned the profits.  Banks, however, had acquired huge losses in this MBS gambling spree and most were now bankrupt. 


“To finalize the theft, and transfer the burden of debt to enslave the people, government leaders were threatened with an international banking failure and a total financial collapse.  The solution was banker bailouts, such as Troubled Asset Relief Program Fund (TARP), Stimulus Package and eventually Quantitative Easing (QE) I, II and III, and then QE to infinity.  This allowed the Elite to weed out the competition by restoring only those banks owned by them.


“Many public officials were in collusion with these Elite bankers, others believed that by helping to sabotage the existing world order they would gain status in the New World Order.  Some politicians yielded to the globalists bankers’ demands out of bribes or threats; some did so out of fear of losing their position, while others were truly deceived and believed they were saving the world from an economic Armageddon.  The most pitied were those obsessed with their petty positions of authority, and callously executed policies with ruinous consequences. 


“For a vast range of personal reasons, politicians agreed to the bankers’ demands.  The obligation to payback what the bankers stole was shackled firmly to the people forever.  The payment was in the form of a tax that went directly to the coffers of the Elite central bankers.  The total debt was so enormous that if every working person in the world gave every dime they earned during their entire lifetime, a hundred future generations couldn’t pay it off.


“Monique, the worldwide economic collapse was an elaborate heist by the Elite international bankers.  They extracted the bulk of the world’s wealth and strapped such crushing debt upon the people that their entire existence was consumed to repay it.





An Excerpt from

The Master Plan


“The invasion of our educational system was the most contemptible segment of my discoveries. At the head of every agency assuring Global Governance stood the school, the teacher and the organized profession. Delegates to international organizations, public officials, men and women of the press, teachers and educators—all realized that they had a part to play in molding the minds of the children for a New World Order.


The teacher was the biggest asset in preparing the hearts and minds of the children for global understanding and cooperation. To the Elite, education didn't mean teaching people reading, writing, and arithmetic; it meant teaching them to think and act, as they wanted them to think and act.


“The subject of major importance was mass psychology. They knew that in time, with money and equipment, they would be able to persuade anybody of anything if they could reach the person young enough. When the technique was perfected, every government in charge of education for two generations would be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.


The United States joining the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, marked the pinnacle of a movement for the birth of an international agency for education. Any nation that became a member of UNESCO accordingly assumed an obligation to revise the textbooks used in their schools. Each member nation had a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum, courses of study, and textbooks was contrary to UNESCO's aim.


“The National Education Association's (NEA) sole intent was the total transformation of life, with a profound commitment to social duties. There were, however, allowances made for a small force of highly educated, creative people, which they felt was essential to growth.


“This new educational system aimed at destroying individual incentive by forming a society with everyone being equal. Competition was replaced by cooperation, trust in divine guidance by careful planning, and private capitalism by some form of socialized economy. The competitive principle gave place to the principle of cooperation, and the major function of the school to a social orientation of the individual. The purging of ideals was geared around ambition, competition, and individualism. Motivation toward personal achievement was sacrificed for the equality of all.


“The parents, religious leaders, and schools in early America taught concepts of right and wrong, facts and certainties, morals and principles, truth and knowledge. This old order of thinking proved to be more revolutionary than any conspiracy to overthrow the government. 


“To bring about a profound social change, submission to parental authority could not be permitted. In order to expedite these changes, a vigorous attack on the family was mounted to prevent the traditions and values of past generations from being preserved.  An artificial chasm between parents and children was necessary to insulate the children and make it easier to indoctrinate them with new ideas. They had to be taught not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who were tied to the past; they only knew what was unproductive in accomplishing the aims of the Elite and their quest for a New World OrderA good teacher had the ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs, and offering illustrative objectives. A single hour of classroom activity under certain conditions could bring about a major reorganization in affective behaviors.


“By using values clarification techniques, students were led to particular value changes through a series of leading questions and systematic doubt. They continuously exposed students to information designed to make them consciously aware of inconsistencies within a value-attitude system learned from their parents. This influenced students to critically examine their patents’ beliefs. Critical thinking turned were really lessons in criticizing authority, parents, clergy, and other adults.


Rebellion amongst the youth systematically emerged throughout the country and the unsuspecting, gullible parents couldn't understand why. The educators, who were aware of the cause and reveled in their success and denounced the truth when publicly confronted.


“The fact that children were raised in families meant there was no equality; children raised in families were taught to believe that they could excel on an individual basis. In order to raise children with equality, they had to be taken away from families and communally raised. The belief that families were private, non-political units whose interests included those of children had to be totally expunged.


“In order to achieve the future goal as a totalitarian society, children had to be viewed as superior to their parents, since they were the ones who would bring about this new socialist order. With this objective at hand, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was unanimously endorsed and adopted as international law. This established universal legal standards for the care and protection of children against neglect, exploitation, and abuse.


“Once the Elite's educational system was firmly entrenched it took only two generations to change the form of our government by educating the children along their lines. Education was the power-tool to alter fundamental values of sexuality and the traditional household, and to control the direction of that change.


“Another prerequisite was to incite liberation and force the whole female gender into public industry. Living standards were raised dramatically so that both spouses were compelled to enter the workforce just to maintain their standard of living. This liberated the wife, demanded the abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of society, and limited parental influences. With the transfer of the means of production into common ownership, the traditional single-family economic unit of society was dissolved.


“Social service workers were granted immunity from liability for seizing children from homes on the basis of alleged abuse or emotional neglect. A report by a social service worker or a teacher claiming that a child had Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) could result in the child being seized. Children that were argumentative with adults, or frequently lost their temper, or swore and were often angry, resentful and easily annoyed by others, or if they actively defied adults' requests and rules were considered to be ODD children and placed on any number of psychotropic behavioral drugs.  Being subjected to these mind-altering drugs caused a range of mental disorders that in many cases resulted in suicide and mass killings.  


“The impact of these new societal changes caused a drastic decline in influences from the home and church. Public schools began to provide for the emotional and moral development of the children. The public schools acquired the direct responsibility for the attitudes and values of child development.  Eventually, the State acquired full responsibility for all education, health and welfare of the children.


“Schools were no longer called academic centers but social service centers and replaced the old-time home environment.  They gathered and retained every piece of information pertaining to, not only pupils, but their parents as well.  Since children were in school most of the day, the pretence of assuring that all children got a proper diet of calories was used to gain the authorization to feed students all three meals a day.  Social service centers also performed medical procedures and assumed the role of medicating and vaccinating. Often, without parental knowledge or consent, young girls were given full female examinations, sterilizations and even abortions.  And yet, any hint of abuse could result in the child being taken from their parents.  Children were constantly scrutinized through surveillance cameras and individually evaluated while they studied, as they ate, even when they played.


These social services centers were the hub of the community with State departments tied to a miniature substructure rooted in the school, the home, and the workplace. This assured that from the cradle to the grave people would be continuously indoctrinated with ideals that furthered the goals of Global Governance. They took possession of every individual at birth and never let him go until death.


The main emphasis was aimed at learning how to live and work collectively, since the primary function of school was to establish productive workers. Because people would be changing jobs throughout their lives, they needed to learn a series of skills for the first set of jobs.  Since jobs were rotated, learning would be repeated periodically. Education was not just for the young alone, or something to be gained in a few years in school; education was a permanent feature of life, with an ongoing process of transforming ideals, thoughts, and wills.


“To prevent the possibility of children escaping the indoctrination processes through the public educational system, the NEA adopted Resolution C-34. The NEA Resolution C-34 stated that home-school programs were ill-equipped to provide the child with a comprehensive education experience. If parents preferred to home school their children, these students were still required to meet all State requirements.


“Enrolling in college or entering the work force required a Certificate of Initial Mastery. This was only issued through schools that followed the Outcome-Based Education (OBE), procedures mandated by the State. Accreditation and certification requirements were inaccessible by private and home-school students seeking college admission or trying to enter the work force.


“Families were arranged in neighborhoods according to a chart laid out upon social engineering principles. Children were numbered at birth and followed as a number through educational training, required military or other public service, tax contributions, health and medical requirements. Parents wanting to have children needed a license of certification from the State and a genetic scan was mandatory prior to becoming pregnant. If the genetic scan revealed that the couple was capable of producing superior babies and they weren't well-suited to rear them, the pregnancy was denied or the child was taken away at birth.  A key family was strategically located in each neighborhood so that its influence would have far-reaching effects in molding the attitudes of the entire community. The world was a society in which individual freedoms and choices were controlled within very narrow alternatives.


“Anyone who objected to this new way of thinking were labeled mentally ill and placed on a referral list for permanent treatment by State-approved psychiatrists, psychologists, and social service workers. Those preaching intolerant salvation-religion rather than socialism were labeled insane, extremists, dissidents, and criminals. Correspondingly, they were denied work from one end of the country to the other. Many were locked into institutions and used for psychological and neurological experimental purposes.


“Through my in-depth study of The Master Plan, I discovered two groups that boldly opposed its policies; one was Christians and the other was Patriots.  The Elite bankers were globalists and possessed a strong aversion for nationalism and the Christian faith. Patriotism, along with the Biblical profession of Christianity and its way of life was completely contrary to the society the Elite bankers were introducing. Consequently, there was a vigorous crusade to undermine, degrade, and completely dislodge nationalism and Biblical teachings from the minds of the people.


“The teachings in the schools and colleges, editorials, even plays and motion pictures were skillfully and influentially molded to degrade, demoralize, belittle, vilify and demonize patriots and Christians.  With a constant bombardment of such indoctrination from every direction, the people were quickly duped into becoming the Elite’s arm of persecution against both Christians and patriots.


“With the majority in agreement, they embarked on a course to dismantle and destroy every national and Christian monument; to seize and destroy all national and Christian artifacts; to remove and destroy any historical writings that depict the Christian heritage and patriotism professed by the founding fathers. Every historical event that appeared undesirable to the Elite’s objectives was erased; only those events that presented errors or falsities of previous governments were allowed to remain.  It took just two generations to erase from the human mind all historical facts depicting the evolution of how and why America was once the greatest nation on earth.

Additional Titles


By Al Duncan

February 22, 2013

Proof that article is correct:


“I considered myself very fortunate to be accused of treason and not of terrorism. When The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed into law by the President on New Year’s Eve, 2012, it empowered the Armed Forces to engage in civilian law enforcement and to selectively suspend due process and habeas corpus, along with the 1st, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. In the history of America, this insidious law posed the greatest threat to civil freedoms.

“The war on terror isn’t a war on a country or a people; it’s a war on a tactical operation. Therefore, it has no restrictions and is endless. Subsequently, anyone alleged to be a threat to the nation’s stability or security, suspected of sympathizing with or supporting a person or group that the U.S. government designates a terrorist organization or an affiliate, may be imprisoned without charge or trial eternally.

“The NDAA’s definition of a terrorist was so vague and all-encompassing, even legitimate activities such as a peaceful demonstration or a peaceful protest, which are rights provided under the First Amendment, could subject a person to indefinite detention. Under the NDAA, an American citizen could be grabbed off the street, seized from their job, or forcefully removed from their home and imprisoned forever.

“The Posse Comitatus act was enacted on June 18, 1878. It was passed to prevent the government from using combat troops against American citizens on U.S. soil. It was concluded that combat troops were trained to seek, kill and destroy while the local police were trained to protect and serve. To nullify the protections afforded under the Posse Comitatus Act, the NDAA declared America to be a permanent battle zone; this transferred the power from local law enforcement agencies to the Military, empowering the Military to be the chief law enforcers of the land.

“Information gained from a paid informant, a disgruntled neighbor or a passerby could target anyone as a domestic terrorist and they could be abducted and detained indefinitely. Since the detainee wasn’t charged with a crime, they have no right to legal counsel, a fast and speedy trial, or a jury of their peers. Nor did they have the right to hear the accusations brought against them, or defend themself against those accusations since no formal charges were filed. The only indication of wrong doing was a suspicion.

“Under the NDAA, when a person is labeled a domestic terrorist, the President of the United States has the lone authority to order that person to be executed on the spot. That means that anyone who disagreed with the treasonous acts performed by those in government, automatically forfeits their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By the people allowing the passage of the NDAA, they placed their existence in the hands of one bureaucrat.”

“’But Lance,’ Monique interrupted, ‘most people were too busy trying to survive, they didn’t have the time, the inclination or the knowhow to investigate these matters, so they never knew these laws were being passed against them.’

“I agree to an extent, Monique. It definitely shows the control the media had over what people did or didn’t know. But for years, Patriot and Christian groups tried to wake the people up to the Elite’s plans for a New World Order. And as the attacks against the constitution and the rights of the people mounted, Christian and patriot writers and independent talk show hosts fearlessly revealed those actions as well as exposing those who committed them. And for doing so, they were labeled conspiracy theorists and silenced at every turn. I considered the Patriots and the Christians to be strange bedfellows, but they had three things in common; they were both fighting to restore the Republic, preserve the U.S. Constitution and both groups were preppers.

“You have to admit, Monique, most people regard their government as their God. People depend on their government to regulate their lives; isn’t that what a God does? So when you destroy people’s sacred image of their government, you’ve destroy their hope for life as they know. Regardless of the facts, their minds reject those facts when they oppose their revered government.

“And yet, governments are parasites that produce absolutely nothing; they only consume. Bureaucrats exist by feeding off the creativity and labor of the people, the more they take the more they have to take in order to sustain their superiority and luxurious lifestyles. The very nature of government is to devour and expand; that’s why bureaucrats write laws that sanction their actions and restrict the people’s actions. Governments deliberately condition their citizenry to exist in a permanent position of powerlessness, subservience, and indigence.”

“’So tell me, Lance, who are these, preppers?’”

“Well, patriot preppers were men and women who understood the United States government had been conquered by a ruthless gang of Elite bankers determined to destroy the American way of life, abolish all freedoms and eradicate the rights to private property and the ownership of land in order to establish a One World Order. They wanted to restore America to a Constitutional Republic, and to do so they were willing to die. Preppers stockpiled food, stored water, produced their own power and amassed arms and ammunition. For this, they were labeled doomsday preppers.

“Because the National Guard was designated for quelling unrest in America, they were briefed that preppers, along with veterans, were the most dangerous resisters during civil unrest and were to be treated as terrorists. Soldiers were given a list with the names of preppers; they were authorized to capture them, confiscate their guns, and intern or kill them as they saw fit. Every solider was given a severe warning that any known prepper in the military would be deemed defects, treated as traitors, were to be reported immediately and were not to be associated with.

“When a person registered to buy a gun, he or she was automatically placed on the list as a prepper. There were others on the list that at one time or another expressed their displeasure with government policies. Whether it was over the Internet, a public meeting or a private conversation, their displeasure of the tyrannical government had been revealed and they were therefore dubbed a prepper.

“Troops were given psychological training for combat against American citizens in preparation for civil unrest. These training sessions caused division between American soldiers. They knew that outlawing guns was a declaration of war upon the American people, and an order to take guns from Americans could be a suicide mission. Soldiers, just as all public officials, had taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic. And now, they were being instructed to violate that oath by attacking Americans for exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and they were ordered to do so, on the soil they had sworn to defend. Many soldiers resolutely determined to stand down, realizing who the enemy really was.

“In a classic case of created crisis, the media pundits doled out a steady stream of race baiting. The phony left Political Party blamed the phony right Political Party of being racially insensitive, so that ever issue they presented was charged as being racially motivated. The objective was to provoke racial hatred that could only result in a race war.

“The government had purchased billions of rounds of ammunition, including hollow-point bullets that literally exploded upon impact, shattering bones and organs as they ripped through the body. According to the rules of war established during the Geneva Conventions, these bullets were forbidden in combat. This, however, didn’t deter the government from using them against American citizens.

“As one of the great Patriots of our time proclaimed, ‘When people have nothing to lose, they lose it.’ In one mind and in one accord the mob struck out. They attacked the Federal buildings, the State buildings, the courthouses and all municipal buildings that engaged bureaucrats. This was the beginning of the second civil war to engulfed America.

“The cry was the same as the founding fathers and the words were those of the Constitution:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.

“The Elite and their high-level subordinates and upper echelon public officials fled to their underground bunkers buried deep within the recesses of the earth. Others were flown out to sea and secured in submarines or aircraft carriers in the middle of the oceans. Both of these locations were equipped with command centers capable of managing the world’s affairs for years, if necessary.

“From one of these offshore command posts the President declared a National State of Emergency and military action was invoked. Surveillance drones with technology previously used to hunt down insurgents in Afghanistan and tactical maneuvers that were once engaged against terrorists in foreign nations were now being deployed against American citizens. It was as if every military exercise executed in all previous wars were exercises in preparation against the U.S. and its citizenry.

“All troops were under the absolute authority of the United Nations NATO Commanders, not United States Commanders. These soldiers, from foreign countries around the world, held no allegiance to Americans. Private homes and businesses were besieged; homes and buildings considered useful to the cause were commandeered. Arms, ammunition and items of value were confiscated. These foreigners didn’t have a problem kicking down doors, seizing guns and personal belongings, arresting and/or killing the entire family before shelling the home and burning it to the ground.

“The American people didn’t take it lying down. Many military defectors and veterans joined ranks with the patriot preppers to regain their country at any cost. They fought from the rooftops and the hills tops; they fought from valleys and ravines. They stood their ground in the alleyways, on the street corners, from the bushes and in the trees. But they were no match for the trained law enforcement officers that were now militarized, or soldiers operating tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, jets and drones. They had dedicated their lives for battles such as these, and they relished it.

“Independent journalists, writers, Patriots and Christians known to oppose the government were eliminated or detained indefinitely in detention camps and reeducations centers. Any unauthorized movements by civilians without a travel permit were arrested and also detained indefinitely. Conformed survivors were rationed limited amounts of food, water, and clothing from military distribution centers on a daily basis, and black markets involving every necessity of life ran rampant.

“Millions of Americans were murdered by the hand of their government during this civil war. This was an act of democide, which is the act in which a government murders its own people. These heroic American martyrs joined the existing historic count of 292 million people that had been murdered by the hand of their own government.

“The free, Constitutional Republic outlasted them all. But even the mighty United States of America couldn’t withstand the satanic stratagem written within the pages of The Master Plan. When America allowed herself to be stripped of her goodness, principles and honor, there was nothing to stand on or stand for. She was conquered and her wealth was stolen, she was used as a weapon against the world and for that, she was hated and condemned by all. Because she was so difficult to defeat, the Elite’s bitter hatred for America ran deeper than any other country. With all of her resources exhausted, she was cast upon the dunghill with all the sovereign nations conquered through Global Governance and the New World Order.



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